How to become more organized ?

What we perceive as “organized” is an effect not a cause. Being organized is in fact very different from what people usually believe it to be. The visual manifestation is clearly understood,  thing are grouped according to some criteria. People spend most of their time thinking of the criteria, thinking…

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In bed again, it’s 2 AMA few months passed, and here I am:Just as I was, unfettered, I stand tallYet thoughts inside my head still make me small. Summer’s been tough;Been down the drain, I’ve had it rough I made it even worse for me with some bad luck.I was…

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Eu si cu tine-n pat. E 4 dimineața…Ca-ntr-un tablou cam slab , ce n-a fost terminat,Se vede clar ca somnul nu a mai fost pictat.Felin, seducător, stai întinsă pe-o parteSi stii ce sa ma-ntrebi parc-ai citi din carte :“Ce crezi tu ca-i iubirea? Dar moartea ? Fericirea…?”Inspir adânc. Ai crede…

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