Lifestyle(?) – week 3

I’ve got tips from different sources that I should make my posts a bit easier to read. I see it myself, as there aren’t really that many people right now interested in this here series of random ramblings. However, since I want my ideas to spread as far as possible,…

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Lifestyle – week 2

Hi people, I guess this time I know a bit better what I want to talk about. It may sound demanding, or snobbish, or childish, in a way, but I would like to talk about what the meaning of life is for me: doing the best you can so that you…

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Lifestyle – week 1

It’s a pretty difficult job writing something when you’re not expecting people to read it. It’s also difficult to turn your writing into a certain direction when you don’t know what you want to talk about in the first place. To give a little background to this completely random post,…

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