5 shadow Python libraries for programmers

New secrets for Python programming Python is an astounding programming language. Indeed, it's one of the quickest developing programming dialects on the planet. It has over and over demonstrated its handiness both in engineer work jobs and information science positions crosswise over ventures. The whole biological community of Python and…

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Lifestyle(?) – week 3

I've got tips from different sources that I should make my posts a bit easier to read. I see it myself, as there aren't really that many people right now interested in this here series of random ramblings. However, since I want my ideas to spread as far as possible,…

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A Guide to Fantasy 1

Greetings traveler, So, you’ve decided you wanted to give fantasy a try, the realm of magic, mythic creatures and crazy adventures that have inspired pop culture and humanity, but where to start can prove to be quite overwhelming, even perilous. A good start may influence your love for this genre,…

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Lifestyle – week 2

Hi people, I guess this time I know a bit better what I want to talk about. It may sound demanding, or snobbish, or childish, in a way, but I would like to talk about what the meaning of life is for me: doing the best you can so that you…

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Lifestyle – week 1

It's a pretty difficult job writing something when you're not expecting people to read it. It's also difficult to turn your writing into a certain direction when you don't know what you want to talk about in the first place. To give a little background to this completely random post,…

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Get free proxy list (python)

Get the list of free proxies using https://free-proxy-list.net. Source code: https://github.com/robert4digital/get-free-proxies/Programming language: python There are two type of script to obtain a list of proxy IP:port number from the free-proxy-list.net: using urllib orusing BeautifulSoup. Urllib will provide you 164 proxies but BeautifulSoup will give you the entire list of 300 proxies. Get proxy list with…

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