How to become more organized ?

What we perceive as “organized” is an effect not a cause. Being organized is in fact very different from what people usually believe it to be.

The visual manifestation is clearly understood,  thing are grouped according to some criteria. People spend most of their time thinking of the criteria, thinking of how to organize. Answering questions such as “Where should I put this ?”, “When should I do it ?”, “How often should I do it? “.

Less focus is spent on “Why should I do anything ? “.

Let’s focus on a concrete case.

I have to put an object on the left or on the right.

There is going to be no valid argument that will be agreed by everyone in answer to this question. Some people will say right because of some arguments, some people will say left because of some arguments. So you have to agree to do something without a 100% valid argument.

So the problem is in fact do you do something with a 100% valid argumentation or you can go let’s say with only 20% valid argumentation ?

“Organized” people tend to go with low levels of argumentation.  Ask them: “Why did you do it like this?” and most of the time the argument is going to be self sustaining: “Because that’s the way to do it”, or “Because that’s how I do it”. Smart people tend to spend a lot of time on doing a 100% argumentation of their actions, so they tend to be less organized because they can’t find the right argument for going “left” or “right”, in my example.

Left or Right is not important, what is important is that you have decided to do something without actually answering the question of “Left or Right”.

Same principle applies for almost every action a person does. Action people, often called “decisive people”, don’t wait for 100% argumentation of their actions. Often don’t wait for more information to help them decide. They act.


  • Are all “action” people, organized ? No, but they could become organized without many difficulties.
  • Are all smart people poorly organized ? No, but they spend an incredible amount of time, thinking about the organization process, analyzing and re-analyzing options.

How to become more organized ?

Act with arbitrary argumentation. Put things left, and don’t try to explain it or to optimize it.

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