In bed again, it’s 2 AM
A few months passed, and here I am:
Just as I was, unfettered, I stand tall
Yet thoughts inside my head still make me small.

Summer’s been tough;
Been down the drain, I’ve had it rough
I made it even worse for me with some bad luck.
I was so stubborn, just as all humans are
Go ahead if you want, put it under my star.

As autumn came, new life sprung forth
With friends by my side, I fought it all
And in the end, I came on top.
A new frame of mind is what I found
Happiness, peace, and self-respect
I swear these I’ll never forget.

As I embraced my new found self,
Oblivious as I was, on an eye-level shelf
Someone put out their love for me.
Small kindle first, a flame soon to burst
I once again set to discover love.

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So come with me, we’ll walk it slow
Don’t think too much, just let it flow.
The night is cold, sleep by my side
We’ll never let our love subside.

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