How the mind works !
How the mind works

How the mind works !

Definition: how the mind works from an Artificial Intelligence (AI) perspective and the data flow.

I’m defining here two separate entities: Conscious mind and Subconscious Mind.

Subconscious mind I theorized that it acts like a Neural Network – what is today (2019) called an AI.

Conscious mind I have no self sustaining theory so far of what it is, or how it acts.

How does it work ?

  • Is there any science behind this ? Yes, there are many scientific experiments that can support these conclusions/definitions but non of the studies have clearly concluded anything similar. So using a strict definition of evidence, no there is no scientific evidence for these conclusions.
  • Conscious mind – receives and analyze external data from sensory inputs, sends and receives data to the subconscious mind, acts like what has been philosophized as “the Self”,  acts like a small speed computer.
  • Subconscious mind –  receives and analyze external data from sensory inputs, sends and receives data to the conscious mind, it’s known as “the voices” in our mind, acts like a very powerful computer, is made of many functionally separate entities, each entity acting as a Neural Network, analyzing inputs from different perspectives, it’s responsible of our “feelings”.
  • Data flow – Data from sensory inputs (visual audio, tactile) is analyzed both by the Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind.

 The Conscious mind will analyze and conclude some that we define as the “logical”

The Subconscious Mind will analyze the data from multiple perspectives and returns multiple answers to a single input/data/question.

The Subconscious mind sends the resulting analysis data to the Conscious mind in form as Chemical (hormones’, neural transmitter) and these are interpreted as “feelings” , as a very short answer, good or bad, pain or pleasure.

The Conscious mind send the logical conclusion to the Subconscious mind which will try to classify the data in one or more of it Neural Networks.


  •  If I ask myself a single question, I may come up with many different answers and feel good and bad at the same time.
  • If the Conscious mind never classifies an event/information/any other data, the Subconscious mind will try to classify it, but it seems some data will be classified fast, and some very, very slow. Is not clear what happens with the data while not classified, but the memory of that data will create good/bad feelings (chemicals) unless properly classified.
  • The Subconscious mind is solely responsible of our feelings.
  • We should always classify events, consciously, immediately, meaning we should “decide” of what they mean to us,  otherwise we(our conscious mind) will be re-analyzing same information over and over again, generating feelings, (through our subconscious mind), in an infinite loop.
  • We need input data to generate chemicals known as “feelings”. Without input data and the analysis of that data, we can’t have “feelings”. We can use memories as input data to generate emotions.

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