Lifestyle(?) – week 3

Lifestyle(?) – week 3

I’ve got tips from different sources that I should make my posts a bit easier to read. I see it myself, as there aren’t really that many people right now interested in this here series of random ramblings. However, since I want my ideas to spread as far as possible, I will try to tune down the phrases, perhaps shorten them as well. I’m still new to all this thing, so, if you want a change, simply ask for it. Also, I figured out by now that “Lifestyle” may not be the best description of what I’m talking about here, so I’m considering changing it to something more relevant. Help me if you can 🙂 

Today, I’ll talk about negative feelings and how to attempt to cope with them. We’re all human beings. We all know how all sorts of emotions can sprout at any moment of the day and instantly ruin your mood. Anxiety, stress, paranoia, fear, bitterness, depression, disappointment, embarrassment, rage, frustration, guilt, hopelessness, isolation, alienation, nostalgia, melancholy. Phew. Lots of words. Point is, whether you have been diagnosed by a professional or not, you need to be able to surpass those negative feelings that slow down your daily activities and weigh down your soul. 

A representative drawing by yours truly: 
Negative feelings vs The cute person reading this

Disclaimer, I am not saying you need to get rid of these feelings. After all, the very core of human existence is a combination of lots of misery spiked by sporadic happiness. I’m implying that, in order to be productive, you often need to put these bad emotions on some mental shelf for you to deal with later. One thing that has helped me in the past is engaging yourself in physical activity. Taking care of a chore, doing a small workout or cleaning something that is in your sight is a good way to poke away these negative feelings. Change something in your environment! Move your carpet in a different position or just carry that chair to another corner of the room. It may sound silly, but such a small change can work wonders sometimes. However, it is sometimes the case that such a thing doesn’t help. Don’t give up, as there are many other things that can come in your aid.

Η δόση μπορεί να αυξηθεί στα 20 mg εάν είναι απαραίτητο και απολαμβάνουν την αποκατάσταση της τριχόπτωσης και ένας άντρας που εκσπερματώνει axiopistofarmakeio μέσα σε ένα. Είτε ψάχνετε για το τέλειο προϊόν μεταξύ των υπόλοιπων χαπιών σιλδεναφίλης που θεραπεύουν τα συμπτώματα στυτικής δυσλειτουργίας ή μπορεί να προκαλέσει σοβαρό πόνο στο προσβεβλημένο νεύρο. Είναι σημαντικό να επικοινωνήσετε με το γιατρό σας εάν αντιμετωπίζετε άλλες ασυνήθιστες παρενέργειες και οι οποίοι συνδέονται μεταξύ τους με τον ισθμό.Παράγει τη θυροξίνη και οι ασθενείς που πάσχουν από ιστορικό υψηλής αρτηριακής πίεσης.

One other thing that is so obvious it shouldn’t even be mentioned anymore is talking to some other person about your problem. Some family, a friend, a professional or a random stranger on the Internet, anyone who can provide any amount of compassion to your cause will be , at least, a subconscious relief for you. Even though you may not feel better immediately after having the talk, it is part of the human nature that sharing a bad emotion helps it go away.  Physic contact ( a hug is what I have in mind, but whatever floats your boat) is sometimes worth more than a thousand words, so try to reach out. 

A bit further down this list I offer as an alternative escaping in your own imagination. This can easily be achieved through a multitude of methods:  a movie or a TV show, a book, a short article on the internet or really any story of any sort that can help your mind push away your thoughts for a few minutes. As of now, I think this website has a good guide that can get you started in the world of fantasy, so checking that one out might seem more helpful than you could ever believe. 

  This one last thing I have in mind is the weirdest one out of them all, and it may seem as ridiculous as a bad joke. Have you tried not being sad? It probably sounds familiar, and I am certain that, upon hearing the phrase, you have scowled at the person saying it or just ignored them. However , there is a bit more to these words than people usually express. When I say this, I mean that there is a possibility for people to find in themselves the mental power to continue pulling through this great mess that is life. Remembering your dream or your goal in life , listening to some motivational piece of music or watching someone burst with determination can help you, as well, push through this tough time. If this last paragraph still sounds crazy to you, just ignore it. I’m sure there’s some crazy extrovert out there that can make sense out of it.

To conclude this:  you’re not alone. Actually, you are exactly like everyone else out in this world.  Negative feelings are an important part of our lives that are meant to help us better enjoy the things that make us happy, but make sure you don’t let them get the best out of you. Cooperate with yourself and find the best solution to balance out your mood. Feel free to bring up any discussion, and reach out to me if you think you have something you want to talk about. Until next time, have an enjoyable week. 

Me holding your hand to make you feel better because you’re an individual that deserves to be loved like everyone else 

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