Lifestyle – week 2

Hi people, 
I guess this time I know a bit better what I want to talk about. It may sound demanding, or snobbish, or childish, in a way, but I would like to talk about what the meaning of life is for me: doing the best you can so that you contribute to the evolution of the present and future of the human society. I, personally, have long ago accepted the fact our race is similar to a virus that spreads across the face of the planet Earth (and soon enough on the surface of other planets). As such, we need to do our virus duty, which is perpetuating the species with individuals that are better than the previous generation.

Having a child is for certain one of the greatest responsibilities a man can take upon himself. In order to influence the future of the world we live in right now, you offer your child an education and an environment in which he develops, both social and economic. These factors, along with the natural wits and traits inherited from the parents and the amount of attention and care you invest into raising your offspring will determine the quality of the individual you are shaping. Because there are so many things that need to be taken into account when raising a child, I believe that not everyone is suitable to have one. 

The main reason that comes to my mind right now (although at some point in time I could come back to this article and decide something else) is the genetic material passed on. Since our main targets as a race should be the protection of our current lands and the discovery and colonization of new territories, why would we not want more intelligent people in this domain? Why would we be fine with having five children from a waiter, or from a supermarket cashier, when we could have five children from a rocket scientist, a brilliant economist, or an astrophysicist? I’m not saying average people shouldn’t have kids, by any means, but I’m saying that we should especially encourage the perpetuation of the best genes. It probably sounds evil, even crazy, but my opinion remains that, should the entire world be governed by the same rules, there should be some planning regarding the breeding humans do. I am well aware that genes aren’t passed on that easy, and as such, you cannot assume that a son/daughter will be exactly like the parents, but I’m pretty certain that an exceptional person is more likely to be born from an exceptional family. There should be a special commission that would look into this matter: they would decide whether or not you are fit to have offspring.   From the very early ages of teenhood and adulthood, people should be taught to think about more than just themselves. Don’t have kids just for your selfish desire of leaving your footprint into this world. Take into consideration the education you can give them, the financial support you can offer, and simply try to imagine that just because you can, you shouldn’t have a 5th kid. 

To show that I’m not some sort of narcissist maniac, I’m not saying that just because I wrote these things down means I should be allowed to bring children into this world that is already slowly sinking into an overwhelming overpopulation. I am actually well aware of my academic mediocrity, and as such, I am doing the best I could figure out to try creating something useful for our world, in the form of this small article that promotes the idea that the intelligent people should actually take their rightful place into this world. They should turn around the current situation, in which a lot of scientists, researchers, and other enlightened minds end up with barely one child, because of the busy lives they are living.

As a reminder, these above-mentioned ideas do not represent the entirety of my thoughts regarding this topic, but they give a short overview of my view on it. Hit me with whatever feedback you want, and while you’re at it, give some ideas regarding next week’s article. Stay humble my dudes.

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