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It’s a pretty difficult job writing something when you’re not expecting people to read it. It’s also difficult to turn your writing into a certain direction when you don’t know what you want to talk about in the first place.
To give a little background to this completely random post, I got the opportunity to write something “lifestyle” on this blog, here, so I went ahead and accepted it. Writing is something I’ve wanted to get into for quite a while now, but it’s really difficult to find motivation when you don’t believe your work can actually prove valuable. This brings me to a topic I’d like to share my opinion about, which is the oversaturation of works of art, especially writing(which is ironic, as this particular piece of writing could easily fit into this category).
Quite a lot of people argue that there are too many books being published. Simply put, there are a lot of books that do not have “value” and that are being made just for the sake of making money and poorly influencing people that “would be better off without those books”. While I do not completely disagree with the idea of pseudo-intellectual content oversaturation, I strongly believe that no work of art should be regarded as non-important or without value. As long as your creation has reached at least one other individual, you have managed to change a life. Sometimes, this change is massive, leading to differences in lifestyle or in mentality, but it is also the case that the creation affects the reader insignificantly, doing naught more than take away some of his time.
There are numerous factors that influence the outcome of a lecture, and one of the most important ones is probably your personal previous experience in life. As such, is it adequate to say that a book has no value because it doesn’t click with your preferences and ideas? Of course not. So, just let everyone enjoy whatever they like and stop disconsidering other pieces of writing. It may not be valuable to you, but it may hold the secret of happiness to another individual, so shine some tolerance into your daily life.
If you happen to read this, give me feedback and ideas about the following post.  Peace to your world <3

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  1. Hi, luco. I have to say, while I agree with the point that art has value independently of human opinion, I do not agree that this applys to all books, simply for the fact that writing is not necessarily an artistic activity. Certainly there are many types of writings that are considered art, such as poems or fictional stories or writings loaded with high amounts of metaphors. We say these kinds of books offer value regardless of the reader’s personal beliefs and preferences, because they have a guaranteed positive impact on the readers mind – they stimulate imagination, they force interpretation, so whether or not the reader finds the content of the book helpful or not, or whether it induces a positive or negative emotional response, that’s irrelevant. But how can the same be said about scientific books, school manuals, biographies, real stories and all the other books with no artistic content. Do they offer value independently of the person who reads them? Does quantum physics have any value for a 5 year old african child born in extreme poverty? What if you can’t read and letters have no meaning to you? I maintain the value of a thing, in this case the books, is 100% dependent on the perception of the individual, nothing is inherently valuable, except in the eyes of the individual.

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