NOT WORKING: multiple accounts at

NOT WORKING: multiple accounts at

On you can earn bitcoin by replying to emails and completing tasks. You can keep the money, or donate it to charity.
Only by setting up your account, you earn $1 (0.0001564 BTC, $1 = 6,395.14). In addition, for each referral, you earn $1. 

So, you may think: let use the referral link with 100 emails to obtain $100.

Why mass referral is not possible:

  • You can’t cash out anything if an account is not verified.
  • You are not receiving any referral if the invited user is not verified.
  • To be verified you need:
    – A work or school email;
    – Connect LinkedIn account with over 50 connections!
    – Connect Facebook account;
    – Connect Github account

Conclusion: do not loose your time trying this strategy!

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